Below are comments and testimonials from my recent clients. I believe they can express much better than I, my commitment to high quality services for my home seller and home buyer clients and, as well, how much I enjoy assisting you with your real estate needs.


We hope you will find helpful the comments below from current and previous clients should you be considering using my services: 

Emily & Steve W.
We are so very thankful for all of your work to make our home dream come true! We are thrilled beyond words to start this next chapter of our lives. You are both superstars. We'll be happy to provide glowing reviews and recommend you to everyone we know. 

Jack K.
As a fellow broker-owner, I'm pleased to write this letter/recommendation about Victoria Jayne of Jayne Realty.  She's one of the best co-op brokers I've worked with in many years.  She's pro-active, responsive, and a complete professional.  All of this without trying to micro-manage the other side (and we've all been through that).  I appreciate all the hard work she contributed to make our shared transaction work for her client and mine.  I hope to work with her again in the future.

Barbara H.
"Victoria Jayne has completed the challenging task of selling my 1910 home with an extremely gifted touch. She assisted me in preparing my house for sale by offering advice on how to enhance it, to make my home desirable to potential buyers. Victoria's marketing skills allowed me to sell my home quickly. Not only did I obtain the price I wanted, she negotiated all the details for me. With deep gratitude and appreciation for her expertise, we sailed through the selling process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering selling their home. 

I am also happy to recommend Victoria Jayne if you are buying a house. With her expertise, she was able to help me find just the right house at just the right price. She has a gift for understanding exactly what I was looking for, in the neighborhood I desired. Victoria opened up several houses for me to view, professionally pointing out considerations I might have overlooked. I truly appreciate her ability to work with me in a very knowledgeable and thoughtful manner."
Carlos M.
"Victoria, I don't know what I was thinking when I told you I might handle the recent purchase of my condo on my own. You were invaluable in helping me with all the unexpected complications and difficult negotiation.
Also, I remain very grateful for your facilitation of my purchase of the rental property last summer- getting me the lowest price that I believe was possible; lining me up with the rehab loan; finding the right contractor for me; dealing with the contractor around issues I didn't have adequate knowledge about; and seeing it all through to completion, and now managing it."
Deb S. & Ted S.
"Thank you do much for all your hard work getting our house sold. You are an outstanding team. Thank you also for being upfront and frank and not pussy-footing around issues or potential issues. We faced them head on. I will keep on telling people what a great job you do."
Bridgette F. & Greg W., Buyers
"You have been the best realtor EVER!  Greg and I pretty much rave about you to everyone - we even tell them "Victoria" stories (yes, some of those stories do involve your crazy driving). ;-) Imagine, anyone that feels so passionately about their realtor to tell spirited stories about them while hanging out with their friends on the weekends! Maybe it's just because we've spent so much time together over the last whopping 6 months this process has taken. Ha! Anyway, we tell people how amazing you were when you "went to battle" for us with the bank to make sure we did not have to pay those horrendous fees. I'm not sure we would have won that battle without your help. It kind of felt like we were being led down that path by the nose because our mortgage consultant did not want to have the outcome negatively affect her. We really needed a champion in that moment and your were that champion.

I'm equally in awe of the little things you have done for us to make this process smooth and easy - things that we don't even necessarily ask you to do, but things that are so thoughtful and helpful (like when you went to the post office and confirmed our mailing address for us). I'm not sure if you've picked up any extra business on account of our recommendations yet, but hopefully, in due time, as we continue to tell the fable of the Out-of-this-World realtor, you will indeed pick up a few clients based on our recommendations. I truly do not know any realtor (AND assistant - Charity you are a total ROCK STAR too, by the way) that work as hard or as well together than the two of you. You are a Power Team.

And thanks for your patience with us - we were not the easiest clients, especially when we spent so much time and energy carefully weighing the pros and cons of our impending short sale purchase by having you drag us to every house for sale in the entire Vancouver/east Portland area (and then not loving any of them). We appreciated your energetic, upbeat personality AS MUCH as your hard work and organization. I've never had so much fun hanging out with my realtor before!

I could go on, but I've probably gushed enough for one night. It has been a 100% positive experience working with you."


Mark & Valerie M., Sellers

"Both Mark and I are eternally grateful to you for all your support and concern over the past six years that we have known you.  If anyone needs a realtor in my favorite city we will definitely give them your name."


Carolyn & Ken H., Sellers & Buyers

"It is a lot more complicated then in the 80's when we bought our other homes so to have Victoria as our advocate in both buying and selling made us feel comfortable because of her knowledge & expertise.  We know that she represented our best interests."

Sabina B. -  Real Estate Professional & Investor
"From one Realtor to another, you will be our agent on all our transactions in Oregon. You have always been on time and professional with us, we greatly appreciate you.
Tracy T. -  Buyer
"You're Swell! You're fantastic, I just have to let you know. I'm so energized after spending time with you."

Valerie M. - Buyer

“You’re a class act!”
Karl D. - Seller
“It’s been a pleasure working with you, and I can say from the client’s side, you are definitely qualified.”
Tracy T. - Real Estate Investor
“I’m so lucky to have you on my team!”
Dan M. - Real Estate Professional
"Victoria is the Little Engine That Could!"
Linda W. - Buyer
"I will be transferring to the HP site in Vancouver, as it turns out. I'm looking for a rental home in Camas or Fishers Landing at this time. You've been wonderful - thanks for forwarding the listings for Portland-area homes. They were very helpful. If I'm looking for a home in the Portland area again, I will certainly remember your great service! Thank you!”

Stephen W. - Buyer
“Thanks for all your hard work in getting this house deal through. Sorry about all the hassles & hurdles, etc. It does seem a bit miraculous that it happened so quickly even though it seemed like it was taking forever. Anyway, I’m very grateful for all you did to make it happen.”
Tracy T. - Buyer
“You are fabulous and I just want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts for me. I’ll write your phone number on every bathroom wall I can find!”
Julie C. - Buyer
“For the first time – tonight I was really excited about buying the house & enjoyed just walking through it. Thank you for all your help during the process. It’s clear to see that finding the place is just the start of a broker’s work. Thank you for all your support – for being present during my inspection (and making sure I could be present) and my signing, etc.”
Dave D. - Real Estate Professional
“You are the most service-oriented person I have ever met!”
Marie E. - Buyer
“The new house is a sweetheart and I love it! I feel like a pampered lady everyday upon awakening and love to come home to it. Thanks again!”
Jann P. - Buyer
"Thanks, Victoria. Our home is a match made in heaven! :-)
Sue D. - Seller
“You have done more for me in two weeks, than my previous Realtor did in six months!”
Patty C. - Real Estate Professional
"I am writing to share my wonderful experience working with Victoria Jayne. She represented her buyer in purchasing my listing on SE Belmont with such efficiency and professionalism that what could have been a very difficult transaction went smoothly and closed in two weeks. Many complicated issues arose as the property was built in 1890 and Victoria guided the process smoothly from financing to inspection and closing. I have been in the business for 15 years and greatly appreciate her experienced style and attention to detail!"
Elizabeth S. - Seller
“Thank you so much for finding the perfect buyer for our house. It’s always nice when people appreciate your work. And we appreciate yours!”
Jim V.E. - Buyer
“Your services have been and are a “perfect fit” for my needs. Thanks so much for being a part of my life .