Jayne Realty, LLC Property Management Services



As an adjunct service for our clients, we provide Property Management Services to home owners that want to turn their home into a rental. 

This service is specific to single family residences and multi-plexes.  


Why use Jayne Realty as your Property Management Company?


  • We treat each home as if it were our own.
  • Victoria is a member of the Greater Portland Rental Housing Association & uses their professional services, training and standardized forms.
  • We hold ourselves to high standards of practice and integrity.
  • We use Screening Criteria that looks for the best possible Tenants to help prevent high turnover rates.
  • Communication is KEY!  We strive for clear & constant communication.
  • We hire cost effective, knowledgeable contractors that we trust when work needs to be done.
  • We want you to get the most potential out of your property by recommending a balance between keeping the property in the best possible condition while also keeping expenses low.
  • We are committed to continuing education and staying on top of new legislation that affects the Landlord Tenant Law which changes every couple of years.
  • Competitive Monthly Rates for our Services.


For Rent           Lease Signing



Property Management Services by Jayne Realty, LLC including the following:


  • Aggressive Marketing using the Internet, "For Rent" Signs, Professional Flyers, Word of Mouth Referrals & Networking.
  • Ensure the home is in Top Showing Condition.
  • Price the Property according to current Market Conditions.
  • Screen Applicants including credit & criminal checks and verifying employment & income.
  • Handle Lease Negotiations, Process Paperwork & Manage Lease Renewals.
  • Perform Move-in & Move-out Inspections.
  • Document the Condition of the Property Before & After with Photos for each Tenant.
  • Communicate with the Tenant on your Behalf.
  • Coordinate Contractors to prepare for new Tenants regarding any needed Repairs & Maintenance.
  • Perform a Walk-through approximately 1 month after the Tenant moves in to detect any issues with the tenancy early on. As well conduct a follow up walk-through 1/2 way through the rental term.
  • Collect Rent & Process Notices to the Tenant if there is a Failure to Pay.
  • Provide you with Monthly Income & Expense Statements.